Album ”Novelettes” released

Released 6 short pieces “Novelettes”.


虫たち | Insects 03:44
枯花/口唇 | Dried Flower/Lips 04:40
孤島 | Island 05:25
うつろう影 | Silhouettes in Motion 01:49
空を掴む | Touching The Sky 04:11
遠い呼声 | Calling For 06:08

Raiikh MV “連続”

Contrabass and electric instruments duo Raiikh released MV.


about Raiikh

Siquisye Album ”Syllagjrea” released

Digital album ”Syllagjrea” released under a name of Siquisye that is a colabolation with vocal artist Cosimia released.


Syllagjrea, an ancient Island, drawn from the anima, lost in time, accessed only through imaginative vessel.
Once thought to be located between the Hebrides and Iceland, perhaps still submerged.
The tracks are named from it’s supposed mythology and fantasy folklore, personified archetypes of an age long passed.

2019/10/2 (wed) Doomsday Preppers Japan Tour 2019

2019/9/7 Alt-Classic #001

2019/9/1 フェス供養 Vol.3 – Dao Xuan Chin Festival in Osaka –

2019/8/18 Test Tone presents Sporobole Sounds from Canada

2019/8/3 Take off your paaaants !

2019/6/8 (sat) sound of electric-edges vol.2

2019/5/19 山の音:春 The Sound of Mountains: Spring

2019/5/12 フェス供養 –The Home– Dao Xuan Festival in Osaka

2019/4/5 (fri) Resonans Recordings Presents Asger Kudahl & Tobias Sejersdahl Japan Tour 2019

2019/3/31 (sun) 舞踏ナイト Butoh Night vol.13

2019/4/21(sun) Original Drama 再会

2019/3/30(sat) Vincent Laju

2019/3/28(thu) immersion #2

2019/3/23(sat) Dao Xuan Chin International Art Festival

2019/2/4(mon) BEEATSZ v2.0999 Tapan Tour 2019

2019/1/30 (wed) NANIWAAMBIENT

2019/1/14 Urban Dentist Japan Tour

Year End Electronis

ELIPSE vol.2

Søren Høi Japan Tour 2018

Aidan Baker Japan Tour 2018


Void of Sound Japan Tour 2018

Yandsen/Kai/Svendsen Japan Tour 2018