Flagio is the Osaka-based contrabass artist and composer Tetsuro Hori. Using the contrabass and digital and analog effects, he creates lyrical and hypnotic soundscapes that straddle the genres of ambient, electronic, and post-classical music.

At the age of 14, he began to play the contrabass and eventually started performing with classical orchestras in Osaka. His interests later shifted, and he became a member of several bands playing post-rock, jazz, dub, and acoustic music. He began his solo project Flagio in 2017.

He frequently performs in Japan, with both local and international musicians and dancers.

In January 2019, he released “Syllagjirea”, a collaborative album with the English vocalist Cosimia, under the duo’s name, Siquisye. Another collaborative project Hori is currently involved with is Raiikh, a duo with the electronic artist Nobuhiro Okahashi. Their first album will be released later in 2019.